Canasta is a catalyst for minority small business ownership, helping them sustain, grow, and run more efficiently.

We care about your business and more importantly we care about providing tools so you can sustain your company. We provide an accessible, easy-to-use suite of cloud applications specifically for small businesses owned by people of color.


29% of businesses are majority owned by people of color, and that number is increasing quickly. Small, minority-owned businesses often do not have the budget to buy expensive software to scale or grow their business.


Canasta is dedicated to serving these minority-owned businesses by making business software that is more affordable, specific to the business you run, and easy to use.

Having been surrounded by many inspiring entrepreneurs growing up. We were frustrated at the lack of resources that these small business owners have and how much time they were spent on tasks that aren’t focused on growing their business.


With this in mind we dedicated our time to build a platform that would save small business owners time through the use of technology. Hearing how our software has been easy to learn, and that it has increased the time our customers spend on getting customers has been exciting and we are humbled by the impact we have made.


We want Canasta to be used by whoever, in whatever language they speak and for it to grow their business.

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