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July 30, 2018


Love Makes The World Go Round'


Let’s show some love to businesses owned by people of color! We’re around every corner, we build things, we make bomb food, we create amazing companies, but we don’t get any love. By love I mean we don’t have banks working with us to complete mergers or acquisitions. We don’t have accounting software that is catered to the needs of our types of businesses. We have to fight to get funding and lines of credit. We don’t get any respect as a viable economy. And so on. We are an unloved and forgotten economy of amazing, creative, inspiring and motivated human beings.


We at Canasta, have a lot of love for these businesses. They are created from the hands of people who came here without knowing any English, built by single mothers and fathers scaled by people who were living in poverty. We respect them, We adore them, We look up to them.


We want to expose the world to these businesses. We want to tell their story. They will inspire you and help you do more. We have had the privilege to sit down with these small business owners and talk to them about their life and what motivated them to start their business and we will share their stories with you.


Our Canasta is made up of hope that one day these business across the world will be respected. It is made up of our desire to see these companies grow into the ones mentioned in the news every day. It is made up of love for these businesses.


We are here to help people of color running businesses, solve problems they face on a daily basis. If you need an online booking system, we got you. If you want to stop creating paper invoices and business documents, we got you. If you want to track your employees time and pay them, we also got you. Your Canasta is different than mine and different than your competitors.


Build your Canasta today!

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